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The theme of the 35th MARUG Conference is;

The Tide of Technology - New Heights, Deeper Insights


As we look at today’s business landscape, change seems to be inevitable. With consumers becoming more individualized, empowered and well-informed than ever, the era of passive consumerism has come to an end. Consumers have transitioned into active participants in their own customer journeys, thereby making a shift to a more active consumer.

This shift however holds profound implications for businesses. Rising expectations and evolving needs of consumers makes it imperative for businesses to reevaluate their strategic marketing approaches. They are now challenged to use their creative potential and realign their strategies to meet the standards of today’s consumers.

But, being pushed by a tight labor market, businesses today are in need of something else rather than only human powers to meet these expectations. With technology already having taken over several professions, it will also find its way into the field of marketing. Assisting marketeers in becoming more creative and serving as a great source of information, rising technologies like generative AI will allow marketers to gain deeper insights about their consumers in order to adapt their marketing strategies to meet their consumers needs. 

By changing how businesses establish their marketing strategies, the customer journey will change significantly as technology is about to push the boundaries of strategy and will even redefine marketing as a whole.