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Guest Blog

At Riedel you can really make an impact! – Tess Wijnen, Category Development Manager

What does Category Development entail? As Category Development Manager, you are an internal and
external consultant in the field of market developments and trends within fruit drinks. You analyze
buying behavior, spot trends and give shelf and assortment advice, thus contributing to category

How did you join Riedel?

During my Consumer Science studies, I got the chance to do an internship, so I started a Marketing
internship at Riedel 3 years ago to gain commercial experience. During a nice conversation with two
marketing managers, I really felt heard and challenged. The entrepreneurship, openness and focus on
sustainability really appealed to me, and I would get the chance to take on sustainability projects. This
made me excited to work at Riedel.

How did you develop yourself as an intern and trainee?

As an intern and later as a trainee, I learned to be flexible and to work both independently and as part
of a team. I learned to make my voice heard and actively contribute to projects. As a trainee, I was given
more responsibility; I was allowed to make my own analyses, lead projects and became responsible for
my own client package.

What do you like about Riedel?

The culture at Riedel is pleasant and open, where everyone supports each other in further growth.
There is plenty of room for feedback and everyone is given freedom in their own tasks. At Riedel, you
can really make an impact and you get a lot of appreciation for the work you do.

What do you enjoy most about what you do now?

The best thing about my current role is that I can put a lot of time and energy into customer projects
and see the appreciation from the customers, for example when they see our advice back in the shop. I
also enjoy brainstorming sessions where we discuss trends and innovations. It is a nice change from the
daily tasks and there is an open atmosphere where everyone can share their ideas.

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