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The World of Marketing at Belsimpel | A Gomibo Group Company

In this blogpost, Max will tell you all about his first career steps at Belsimpel.

Max works as team leader of the Marketing Execution team at Belsimpel. With the team, he is responsible for the preparation, execution, and evaluation of all on- and offline marketing campaigns. He is eager to explain more about his role and what marketing looks like at Belsimpel. "The common denominator within the Marketing Execution team is the marketing deals we make with all of Belsimpel's partners, including popular phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Google. We also have partnerships with providers like Odido, KPN, and Vodafone, as well as audio and wearable manufacturers like Garmin, Bang & Olufsen, and Fitbit." 

"In my position, one day is all about drawing up the commercial planning for the new year, while the next is filled with attending a device launch event of one of our partners or conducting evaluation interviews with colleagues."

Max started out as a part-time colleague in the Marketing Execution team while studying. He has since advanced to the role of team leader in the same team. "Last summer, I completed the Master Economic Development & Globalisation (ED&G) at the University of Groningen. I found the microeconomic aspects and how companies deal with internationalisation particularly interesting. Many components of my studies are currently reflected in my work, partly because we are also very busy at Belsimpel with raising our profile internationally under the name Gomibo!" 

So, within the Marketing Execution team, you work a lot with great partners. This involves a lot of responsibility. "I believe it is very important to work in an organisation where you can have direct influence and are also given real responsibilities. For example, I am often involved in new device introductions by Samsung and Google, for example. These projects are very interesting, because from the preparation to the launch, you are interacting with both the partner and various Belsimpel colleagues a lot."

"The best thing about an entry-level position at Belsimpel is that you get an incredible amount of responsibility from the very first day. You have a lot of freedom to really add value to the organisation and on top of that, you can grow very quickly when it comes to your professional skills."

In addition to his position as team leader, Max is also part of the Management Traineeship at Belsimpel. "Together with other team leaders within the company, you attend training courses, peer-review sessions and, of course, fun activities. Among other things, I attended training sessions on working smart, meetings, conversational skills, and commercial presentation."

"I am also very lucky that Belsimpel is a company with a lot of young colleagues, so we also organise a lot of fun events, such as the Google Christmas Party or the Samsung Summer Festival.

These employer branding events are also part of our marketing activities, which makes it all the more fun!" 

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