Workshop Accenture:

At Accenture Interactive, we combine business consultancy, creative agency and technology powerhouse under one roof. We consider ourselves as the most effective 'digital enablers' around. And with good reason: our work includes pioneering next-level marketing, implementing industry-changing digital transformations and improving business performance using digital technology and data insights. We bridge the gap between brand promise and expectations - by creating transformative Experiences. During our case we will show you the different steps we take in solving a client case.

Workshop AdResults:

AdResults is a full-service strategic online marketing agency for e-commerce, retailers and brands in Groningen. Our team is specialized within SEA, SEO, Social Media Advertising and Marketplaces. Say what you do and do what you say. Honest and sincere, enthusiastic and committed; that’s our approach. With knowledge, expertise and commitment we improve results and provide the best services for clients like Body & Fit, Travelbags and Pig & Hen

Our team has a passion for online marketing. We’re always focused on how to make a campaign successful.  To create a strategy, we become intertwined with our clients’ businesses to find out what they find important. Connecting and collaborating is our key to success: to our clients and to our enthusiastic team. 

We’re excited to present AdResults by giving a workshop at the MARUG Conference. We’ll give you an introduction to the world of online marketing and teach you more about our clients, services and great company culture. Be creative and get the chance to work on a case of an interesting client.

Workshop Belsimpel:

Belsimpel: Going International! As a company from Groningen, Belsimpel has long been a nationally established name in the telecom sector. Of course, that's not enough: we want to conquer the Mobile World! That's why we went international. But if you want to do that, you have to do it right. What does that actually entail? This of course comes with many challenges and questions regarding marketing:  how do you market your brand or how do you promote it? Do you do that in the same way as you are used to or differently? Will you choose a different name? You may also have to deal with other partners, such as marketing channels, as well as other providers and manufacturers. As a student, you get the assignment to make a plan for the internationalization of Belsimpel. Do you have what it takes? Will you really conquer the mobile world with us?

Workshop Databay:

The Databay workshop will be very inspiring!

In this workshop you are hired by the board of the ‘Caesar’s Palace’ casino to advise them on how to optimally communicate with their guests; both digital and in real-life. You will analyse the available data, come up with creative ideas and impress the board with a clear and convincing presentation.

This workshop is most applicable to students from the study programs Marketing Analytics and Data Science, Marketing Management, Marketing Information Systems, Economics and Econometrics. Or bachelor students with interest in this direction.

Please bring your laptop with Excel and PowerPoint to this workshop.

Workshop L’Oréal:

Joining our activities at the MARUG Conference is the perfect way to learn more about our Young Graduate Program. We believe in empowerment at the lowest level of the organization, so as a Young Graduate you will get real responsibilities from day one. Of course, you will get a personalized development track to help you build your own career, driven by your ambitions and capacities.

The workshop at the MARUG Conference is inspired by a global competition and will challenge participating students to use their creativity to disrupt the beauty industry and create the beauty that moves the world!

Workshop Merkle:

The case we present is about a significant player in the e-bike market. Given the profile of this company, the market that it is in and the (marketing) data of the last few years, we ask you to come up with a suitable marketing strategy for this company for the upcoming year. As in line with our love for data, we provide you with a dataset to analyse. Don’t worry, you do not necessarily need any major data analytics skills to come up with a solution. You could use regression models for example, but some basic Excel/Sheets skills will also suffice. Creativity and a clear line of reasoning based on the data are rewarded. Because we are going to work with data, we require you to bring a laptop. See you there!

Workshop SchaalX:

Human2Human is a hot topic for many companies and in this digital era, the possibilities for a personal approach are endless. Which digital innovations do companies use to succeed in a digital Human2Human strategy? You will find out during this workshop. We will talk about the newest trends like voice marketing, chatbot and personalisation.  We will show you some best practices of corporations like ABN Amro, Vattenfall and Volksbank. Next to that a current trainee will explain how she uses these trends during her project at PGGM.  

Workshop Sia Partners:

Sia Partners is a next generation management consulting firm and pioneer of Consulting 4.0.We offer a unique blend of AI and design capabilities, augmenting traditional consulting to deliver exceptional value to our clients. With 2,200 consultants in 18 countries and expertise in more than 30 sectors and services, we optimize client projects worldwide. Through our Consulting for Good approach, we strive for next-level impact by developing innovative CSR solutions for our clients, making sustainability a lever for profitable transformation.  

In 2009 the office in Amsterdam was opened, which is now situated in the Rembrandttoren. with a great view from the 28th floor of Amsterdam. We focus on the following sectors: Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Marketing & Customer Experience, Data Science and HR, Transformation & Change. The Dutch team is experiencing strong growth and has now built up an impressive client portfolio, supported by and cooperating with colleagues from our international offices. Sia Partners Netherlands employs approximately 55 consultants

Mystery workshop:

With more than 10 million customers spread over 6 countries, we are one of the biggest companies based in the Netherlands. We work with cutting edge technology, we have more than 20 brands and are constantly innovating. With our unique young talent program you’ll learn digital marketing on the highest level, the champions league. Do you want to know what we do and who we are? Sign up for our workshop.