Workshop Ten Stripes (for professionals)

We are Ten Stripes: an agency with a team of great specialists who work hard all day long on the strategy and execution of digital marketing. We do this every day with great pleasure for clients with sustainable ambitions. It is our mission to make the New Economy bigger than the traditional one by using marketing 3.0 strategies. With The Impact Project, we make our knowledge available to let commerce and impact go hand in hand, to make these transparent and measurable, and to be able to tell them well.

We dive into the Marketing 3.0 principle; value-driven marketing, where the goal is not only to sell as many products and satisfy customers as possible but also to do something good for the world. We will work on linking the activities of your organization and the impact that is made with them and see why commercial and impact objectives go hand in hand very well. Finally, we will discuss how you can substantiate this with data and communicate it well. In short: A look to the future where the impact is an integral part of your core activities.