Mireille Derks & Francine Bout from ANWB did the fourth keynote together

After a number of years as a reporter for a regional newspaper, Mireille Derks worked for various media companies as an editor-in-chief and publisher of niche titles with a focus on digital media. She managed a platform for entrepreneurs for Reed Business and a cross-media guide with special restaurants. In 2010  followed the step to a title with a wide audience. As Head of Digital at RTL News, she managed website, newsletters, apps and social media. In the summer of 2018 Mireille switched to the ANWB as Head of Content to work with a diverse team on strengthening the own (media) channels of this organization.

Francine Bout (34) started her career at youth broadcaster BNN, which merged into BNNVARA, working on social media strategies, various television programs, magazines and events. She specialized further in creating online video content when working at production company EndemolShine. Before her current job she worked at MediaMarkt as Team Lead Owned Content. In 2019 she started working for ANWB where she is responsible for all video content and podcasts as Online Video Manager

Keynote talk

“As for many companies the current pandemic has also been challenging and inconvenient for ANWB. In March 2020 we suddenly had to change things up and think differently to remain relevant, make a difference and respond to social needs. This took some courage. In our presentation we would like to walk you through our best content practices from 2020, share our results and what we learned from the changes and challenges.”