The third keynote speaker of the Conference Day of last year was Jeroen Dijkstra from Achmea

Manager of Omnichannel Personalization for Achmea, where he is responsible for the technical & business implementation of the platform where the omnichannel personalization decisioning and fulfillment within the customer journey is being executed.

At Achmea, our goal is to deliver the most personal and relevant customer experience in the world at every touchpoint, across all our brands. We put customers first in our personalization platform driven by Pega AI. We will explain how we broke down product and channel silos and transformed our customer strategy, processes and people. Our agile Personalization team fully owns and deploys all business changes, from retargeting Facebook adverts into NBA driven outbound, contextual inbound messaging and personalized SAP insurance renewals.

To delight customers and exceed business targets a world-class decisioning and personalization platform needs to be combined with a shift towards a universal customer-centric strategy and business operation model, and new ways of working that cross brands, channels and lines of business – whilst keeping the experience contextual, relevant and specific to the brand the customer is interacting with. Easy to say, but hard to deliver, and we will discuss both the bumps on the road and our victories.