Who are we?

We are Hieroo. The local consultant. Our young Consultants carry out consultancy assignments in all sectors in different regions across the Netherlands. We develop ourselves in rejuvenation, renovation and consolidation of organisations. We believe that a better city doesn’t develop by itself. That’s why Hieroo works today for a better city of tomorrow. We improve organizations. We build on a network of young consultants. We share knowledge and experience. We help society. And in all of this, we always work ‘local for local’!

How do we do this?

Hieroo employs passionate people who like to get the job done. But in addition, working together with Hieroo means working together today on a better city of tomorrow. First of all, by jointly ensuring the retention of talent for the city. We work together on the professional development of future gamechangers in the city, through the assignments they do in organizations in combination with the guidance and training provided by us and our partners. 

In addition, time is explicitly set aside to work on an annual Community Challenge: social innovation in your city. Every Hieroo location works with a social theme in collaboration with local partners. 

Finally, working with Hieroo gives direct access to our Talent Circle. This is the network of starters who are self-conscious about their role in the city and who feel responsible to contribute to this. 

And after the traineeship?

Ideally, after two years, the Young Consultants will remain active in the region, by working for other great organizations in the region or by taking the next step into entrepreneurship. In this way we continue to work on a better city of tomorrow!