Feenstra provides technology that suits the customer. Subsequently, the customer can count on the fact that this technology continues to function well thanks to regular and reliable maintenance. If it really matters, in case of a breakdown or repair, it is good to know that Feenstra is located all over the Netherlands. 

Feenstra has a long and rich history. Since our establishment in 1947 it is craftsmanship that distinguishes Feenstra in the market. We are therefore proud of our more than 800 certified consultants and professionals. They are the ones who carry all our knowledge and experience with them and use it on a daily basis. We combine their trusted craftsmanship with business operations that are up-to-date in all respects. In total Feenstra employs more than 1,500 people who work on solutions to make your home safer, more comfortable and healthier. Transferring expertise to the new generation of technicians is an essential part of our corporate culture. This takes place through continuous training, internal courses, good supervision and by bringing together experience and young talent.